Why Do Apartments Need A Transformer?

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As we all know, Chennai is the second largest IT hub in India. It is also a well-developed centre for automobile and other manufacturing units. Due to the increasing commercial and industrial demand, this city is attracting migrants from all over India. And this creates a constant demand for residential buildings to accommodate the population. Less land, more people, and the solution – APARTMENTS.

If the height of the building is more than 15 meters or has more than four floors, then it is regarded as a high-rise building or an apartment. Further based on the amenities available such as water supplies for various applications, electric power from the electricity board, elevator services, Sanitation, Recreation facilities, lighting, swimming pool, etc., it is regarded as a Township.

While people have started adapting to the Apartment culture, this blog discusses the distribution of power supply to these apartment buildings. The apartment culture is not popular just in Chennai; it is being adopted by all the major cities and around the world. When it is a growing culture, the power distribution should be taken care of by an efficient mechanism for the people to live comfortably. The solution to address this challenge is having transformers for apartment buildings.

Why Transformers for Apartment Buildings are Very Important?

Electricity generated in the Power plant travels from a farther distance to a Distribution transformer nearest to our residence. It is then stepped down to the required voltage and distributed via a service wire to our homes. When the consumers are more in a locality, the power received by the consumer at the far end of the transformer would be greatly lower than that of the nearest consumer. There might also be voltage fluctuations due to overloading. Who would like to sit under a dim light due to low voltage?

Let’s think about the apartments. There will be hundreds of families residing in an apartment and a transformer located somewhere on the street would not suffice the power requirement.

But if there is a transformer installed inside your apartment, that will substantially mitigate the losses that would otherwise occur due to the long-distance transmission. The advantage of having a transformer inside the apartment makes it easier to prevent other external/temporary consumers from being connected to the same transformer and thereby reducing the power available to the building.

As part of the construction plan, it is equally important to plan on the electrification of the apartment. The requirements of Power supply are not all the same for each premise. Eg: For an ordinary building having ground plus one or two floors will have different power requirements from that of the multistoried apartments or high-rise buildings. Furthermore, it also depends on the various power requirements of the occupiers in the apartment. The more electrical gadgets in a building, the higher is the Power requirement and consumption and vice versa. The amenities inside the apartment that requires a power supply (like light, water facilities) also need to be taken into account.

While it is easy to say, it requires proper planning and safety while installing a transformer for apartment buildings. The Apartment owner/contractor needs to dedicate a separate room to have the transformer and other wires/switchgear installed. The utility provider will have to establish the electricity connection to the transformer from the State Electricity Board. There are also other factors to keep in mind while purchasing transformers for apartment buildings.

Factors to consider while installing a Transformer in your Apartment

Thorough research is a must before choosing a transformer. The evaluation and execution processes should include,

  • Your requirements
  • Characteristics that match your requirements
  • Different transformers in the market
  • Choosing the best after consultation
  • Implementation within the stipulated time
  • Checking the customer support.

Here are the factors that you need to consider before making a product purchase decision:

1. Superior Quality

Quality is a paramount factor to consider while purchasing any electrical equipment. High-quality transformers will help to reduce the maintenance costs and minimize the risk of adverse transformer failures leaving hundreds of tenants without power. It is quite risky to have a transformer inside an apartment so utmost care and safety have to be ensured. So it is critical to purchase a transformer from a reputed and trusted manufacturer like EVR Power. We embed quality in each stage of our manufacturing process. EVR Power is an ISO-certified organization that had gained trust among its clients for over three decades.

2. Quick turn-around

Transformers for apartment buildings may not be available ready-made. In most cases, they must be ordered to manufacture that suit different applications. This may take weeks or months depending on the type and size of the transformer. So it is important to choose a manufacturer who has the expertise and the technology to deliver the product in a short span of time and has it installed in the apartment. Having a transformer inside the building may pose serious fire risks. Power equipment burns and the smoke spreads pretty well so a lot of effort must be put into making the installation safe. The manufacturer must be willing to show up for periodic maintenance as transformer failures in an apartment can affect a lot of people.

3. Cost-Effective

The next factor to consider is price. Lower prices benefit both apartment builders and electrical contractors. When I say low costs it doesn’t mean low quality. The product should be precisely built with quality raw materials that give value for the money to the customer giving maximum return in a long span. EVR power manufactures and supplies transformers at affordable prices. Other companies in the market provide cheaper rates. But it will not serve you in the long run. Maintenance costs may double if you did not invest in the right transformer.

4. Custom-made and Compact

It is essential to have a transformer that is in accordance with Power requirements and also that is compact enough to be fit inside the room.

Why EVR Power?

EVR Power’s customized transformers are more likely to fit in indoor spaces. We also sell refurbished transformers at reasonable prices. You may even be able to find a replacement transformer of the same make and model as the original. After-sales support and maintenance are never a question because EVR Power’s 24/7 support team is available at your service.

In case of any transformer failure due to overheating or degraded insulation, on-time repair and service is a must as it affects thousands of tenants in the apartment buildings. EVR Power undertakes all brand repairs as we have spare parts for all brands.

If your construction company needs to install transformers in a newly built apartment block, or the transformers in an existing building need to be replaced, then EVR power might be your right destination. We have identified and resolved countless transformer and related connection issues for our Customers. Our robust and trouble-free transformers are built by a team of experts to provide a hassle-free experience to the customers who have chosen us.

We have been manufacturing and supplying various kinds of transformers for more than two decades and have built a loyal customer base through serving quality products and round-the-clock customer support. We help customers to overcome all kinds of power-related challenges.  

Call us to get an instant quote now! We would be happy to help and give you a free consultation on what kind of transformer would work the best for you.

What do you think of the apartment culture and the power distribution methods? Feel free to comment your thoughts.


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