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Machines are indispensable in a manufacturing sector that has a considerable contribution to a growing economy.

The accuracy and efficiency of these machines in any industry can make or break the value of the product. Nothing remains new forever so machinery must be handled with utmost care and caution.

Speaking of machines, two things that strike our mind is the noise and the amount of heat produced during its operation. The generated heat can spoil many components in the machine and make the manufacturing process unstable.

That is why most industrial and commercial places prefer HVAC (High Ventilation and Air Conditioning) devices. A Chiller is one such HVAC device.



What is an Oil Chiller?

The ultimate purpose of any chiller is to eliminate heat from the machinery to optimize the industrial process. Of the various other chillers available at EVR Power, one of the best oil chiller manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai, Oil Chillers are designed and manufactured only for oil cooling purposes.

An oil chiller is a device used for lowering the temperature of the lubrication oil or the hydraulic oil used in the manufacturing processes. They eliminate this problem by maintaining the oil temperature within the required temperature range and keeping them under safe operating conditions.

Why an Oil Chiller is important?

Most of the manufacturing units use oils of varying densities for hydraulics and lubrication purposes which generate heat periodically during the course of the manufacturing process.

Do you know why this high-temperature oil is bad? The oil heat-up causes the oil to lose some of its properties which makes it useless for the process. Here are a few problems associated with it.

  • As the temperature of the oil is increased, the viscosity reduces and it becomes thinner. This might cause internal leakage in hydraulic seals thereby causing frequent breakdowns and efficiency losses in the system
  • The smooth and efficient running of the machines is hampered.
  • Oil degrades quicker at higher temperatures and hence it has to be replaced frequently. Refilling the oil every time in the machinery is practically impossible and increases the operating costs.

So in order to increase the shelf life of the oil (hydraulic/lubricant) and the machinery that it belongs to, it is vital to regulate the temperature of the oil and constantly cool it.

This is achieved with the help of Oil chillers which are connected directly to the oil supply and in-built pumps. The heated oil is then circulated through the chiller circuit which thereby reduces its temperature.

All you need to do is to partner with one of the leading oil chiller manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai.

Why should you choose EVR Power as your Oil Chiller Manufacturing Partner?

EVR Power is one of the eminent manufacturers and suppliers of industrial cooling solutions in India. With a rich experience and expertise for over three decades, we have created a niche for ourselves in the market. All products of EVR power undergo acceptance testing as per the applicable standards and certifications.

EVR Power, the top oil chiller manufacturer in Chennai, has helped heavy-duty machinery owners to reduce a considerable amount of heat from the equipment sustaining the quality and efficiency of the product. Our chillers are eco-friendly and can withstand fluctuating loads. Our products require minimum maintenance to suit indoor and outdoor installations.

Salient features of EVR Power’s Oil Chillers

EVR Power’s Oil chillers are precisely manufactured by a team of deft professionals backed up with sophisticated technology and rich experience in the field. EVR Power’s oil chillers are demanded by most industrialists because of the following reasons.

Sturdy Construction

EVR Power’s Oil chillers adopt the most proven design and latest technologies to suit specific applications. These chillers are constructed using high-grade raw materials and components that avoid excess energy consumption which in turn cuts down the operating expenses of the buyers.

Our Oil chillers are available in both Standalone and Immersion type configurations with capacity ranging from 1.75 kW to 35 kW.

Immense Cooling

EVR Power’s Oil Chillers are known for high performance and efficiency. To ensure high cooling efficiencies, the chillers unit is built with internal gear pumps and plain plate heat exchangers.

This also ensures lower noise levels. Our Oil chillers can be utilized for applications using oils of varying viscosities ranging from 32-68 centistokes (cSt).

Premium Quality

All products of EVR Power undergo visual, dimensional, and functional testing according to national and international standards to ensure durability, reliability, and excellence.

Rigorous testing is done at each stage of production to ensure 100% fail-proof products are delivered to its clients. Our Chillers are RoHS compliant.

That’s how we have maintained our position as the top-notch oil chiller manufacturer in Chennai.

Custom Design

One Chiller doesn’t fit all applications and as a manufacturer, we knew it well.

That is why we custom design cooling solutions to the specific requirements, bearing in mind that operating temperatures vary for each application. The cooling medium is also chosen accordingly. 

Easy Maintenance

We consistently improve on the design and delivery of our products to make them more user-friendly that suffice low maintenance.

In EVR Power’s oil chillers, the design of the evaporator coil is improved to prevent clogging which makes it more durable. It is also easy to disassemble the evaporator unit and clean the coil.

Specification of our Oil Chillers

Cooling capacity range: 1.75 kW to 35 kW

Power supply: 220 V/415 V AC

Phase & Frequency: 1 PH/3 PH & 50 Hz

Fluid: Soft Water / Water + Glycol solution

Refrigerant: R134a/R407c

Configurations: Standalone/Immersion type

Condenser Type: Air-Cooled, Shell & Tube type condenser

Evaporator Type: Brazed plain type & Tube-in-Tube evaporator

Operating environment: Indoor / Outdoor

Noise level: < 85 dB

Life expectancy: 10-15 years

Guarantee for the Product: 1 Year

Warranty for the Product: 1 Year

Further to the above, we do customize our chillers to meet customers’ requirements. Our vast distribution network ensures on-time delivery of the products, and that makes us the leading oil chiller supplier in Chennai.

As a manufacturing partner, we are always prompt in addressing our client’s queries and provide excellent after-sales support.


Oil chillers are used to process oil used for applications such as,

● Laser cutting, Marking machine, Wire cut/Spark erosion EDM

● Industrial machinery like moulding machines, press, etc.

● Power generators and furnaces

● High-frequency welding machines

● Medical equipment and Pharma industries, and

● Other cutting, lubrication, drilling, grinding applications, etc.

You are here because you are in need of efficient oil Chillers. Contact us – the best oil chiller manufacturer in Chennai.


1. What are Oil Chillers used for?

Chillers are used to move heat from one place to another. The most common types of chillers are oil-based, water-based or air-based. Each type is used for different purposes, and tend to have different levels of power consumption.

2. Who are the Top Oil Chiller Manufacturers in India?

  • EVR Power
  • Hiver
  • Reynold India
  • National Cooling Towers
  • Chillmax Technologies

3. What are the advantages of Oil Chillers?

Oil has a higher boiling point than water, so it can be used to cool items 100°C or higher. Oil is an electrical insulator; thus, it can be used inside or in direct contact with electrical components. Oil stays where you put it, so you don’t have to worry about it contaminating the rest of the machine.

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