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Before that, why do you need a panel cooler?

A Panel cooler is a device that aids in the cooling of the electric control panels.

A control panel is a system with a special arrangement of electrical devices that allows the operator in an industry/factory to monitor and control the electrical operations.

It is said to be the heart of factory production.

Just as you take care of your own heart, it is essential to take care of the control panel. Any problem with the panel can cause production hiccups, slowdowns and can incur major losses. So it is important to maintain the health of the control panel.


Fans Vs Panel Cooler

If you walk around a factory, you could see many of the control panel units kept open because they are Hot inside. But this allows dirt build-up inside the unit causing instability and premature failure of the panel unit.

Of course, Fans have been used as a cooling solution for a long time. They were quite effective for panels with low to medium internal heat loads. But the problem arises when there is a poor quality of air in the environment. Filters in the fans are a must and they would need regular maintenance as well as the fan grills and blades.

A Panel cooler, on the other hand, is economical, safe, and comes as an effective cooling solution. It works by sucking in the cool air at the bottom vent from the compressed air supply. As the heat rises, the hot air exits out of the top vent thereby maintaining the optimum temperature in the control panel.

Why consider EVR Power as your Panel Cooler Manufacturer and supplier?

EVR Power is a paramount manufacturer and supplier of Panel Coolers in Tamil Nadu.

If you are looking for safe, dependable, and durable heat protection, then you should check out EVR Power because they are one of the top Panel Cooler suppliers in Chennai.

Salient features of EVR’s Panel Cooler

EVR Power’s Panel coolers are demanded by most of the clients. Let me tell you why.

Prudent Construction

EVR Power Panel coolers are precisely designed with outstanding quality raw materials by the best engineering professionals. They are constructed based on the loop cooling system that allows the system to cool internal air as well as prevent dirty ambient air from entering into the Panel. There are no moving parts in the Panel cooler so it can handle equipment vibration.

Steady Operating Temperature

EVR Power’s Panel coolers are built with an enclosure thermostat to regulate the heat inside the panel. During warmer months, when the ambient temperature is high, it is used to reduce the heat generated by the components in the panel. But that doesn’t mean it is of no use during cold conditions. It is also used to remove the moisture and keep it warm.

Yes, an enclosure thermostat works with a heating or cooling device to safeguard the panel against condensation, humidity, and frost and to maintain a safe working temperature.

Outstanding Quality

EVR Power has stringent quality control. We truly believe that every product that we produce is reflective of the quality standards we maintain in our manufacturing and servicing unit. This is the reason we dedicatedly put 100% effort, to ensure that every product is flawless from every angle.

Our clients are ever happy with our quality and that is why we are a reputable panel cooler manufacturer and supplier in India.

We believe you have already started considering buying your Panel Cooler from us. So why wait? Call us now. And, don’t worry about the installation. It’s free. Our Panel coolers are very compact and the installation is very easy and only takes a matter of minutes. We provide the best panel cooler services in Tamil Nadu.

Not just that, we have spare parts for all brands of Panel coolers and provide you after-sales service too.

Isn’t that COOL enough?

Specifications of our Panel Cooler

Guarantee for the Product: 1 year

Warranty for the Product: 1 year

We have tailor-made products that suit almost all applications.


Panel Coolers are an indispensable component in both commercial and retail industries.

  • CNC machines
  • Mainframe computers
  • Electronic cabinets
  • Instrumentation panel
  • Automated process industries
  • Food industries

If you have any queries or clarifications, we are just one phone call away. We, the perfect panel cooler manufacturer, look forward to hearing from you. 


1. What is a Panel Cooler?

Air conditioning units that use cold air vortex tubes are an inexpensive method of providing gentle airflow with a constant temperature to control panel components, while also eliminating any excess heat. It can be purged or vented directly to the outside further reducing maintenance costs and/or anchored with built-in mounting tabs. Vortexes are lightweight and easy to install in minutes using your existing electrical knockout hole already on your control panel. EVR power is a Leading Panel cooler Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu.

2. How does a Panel Cooler Work?

This cooling system works by using heat pipes. The heat pipe travels through the wall of a refrigerated enclosure and transports thermal energy away from the internal components of the server while absorbing that same thermal energy, thereby cooling whatever it is attached to. For example, it can be attached to the wall of a server room or blade enclosure that houses racks upon racks of servers churning out similar data.

3. What is the purpose of a Panel Cooler?

The panel cooling system works by using the downward exhaust principle. You may have observed this in reverse in a child’s vacuum cleaner – as it sucks up dirt and debris, you’ll notice dirty air coming out of an opening at the top because heat rises, but as the cleaner runs for long periods of time, you’ll observe that as it does so, the top gets warmer while the bottom remains cool – this is what happens with a panel cooling system. To regulate the heat inside a panel, one can either use a thermostat enclosure control panel or an electronic temperature controller. EVR power is one of the Best Leading Panel cooler Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu. Contact us to know more.

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