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The main aim of the automatic voltage regulator or AVR is to protect the devices against voltage fluctuations. Our Automatic Voltage Stabilizer guards against voltage fluctuations that can wreak havoc on your expensive equipment, costing you money in damages and lost productivity.

We are the leading automatic voltage regulator Manufacturer and supplier in Chennai. We offer an outstanding round-the-clock service to our clients.

Automatic Voltage regulators

About Automatic Voltage Regulator

In India, the standard voltage for electrical operation is 230 V and 400 V for single-phase and three-phase respectively. And, all our electrical appliances are designed to operate as per the standard voltages.

But no electricity board in the state can offer a constant voltage supply to its customers despite their best efforts, due to long-distance transmission and irregular load patterns making voltage fluctuations unavoidable.

This doesn’t mean you have to live with this.

Think of the state of your Double-door refrigerators, high-cool AC, Smart TV, and other smart gadgets. Don’t you need a smart product to protect these expensive appliances from dangerous voltage fluctuation? 

Well, we present you EVR Power’s Automatic Voltage Regulator – the one-stop solution to all your fluctuation problems.

What does an AVR do?

  • Regulates the system voltage & ensures steady and stable operation of the equipment.
  • Divides the reactive load between parallel operations
  • Reduces over-voltages that occur due to sudden loss of system load

Why consider EVR Power as your AVR supplier?

We are the best Automatic Voltage Regulator manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our AVRs work over a wide range of input frequencies without any kind of waveform distortion to protect your equipment from sags, dips, surges, swells, and line noise.

They are designed using cutting-edge technology and tools to have a faster correction rate.

Salient features of EVR’s Automatic Voltage Regulator

EVR Power is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and offering quality Automatic Voltage Regulators at affordable prices. Since our products are uniquely designed with standard manufacturing practices and rigorously tested as per ISO specifications, it ensures less heating, high efficiency & low power consumption.

Our automatic voltage regulators are frequency-independent with very minimal output waveform distortion and they come in different sizes and weight advantages. We have products ranging from low voltage (300 – 500/ 415 V) to medium voltage (8-12/11 V, 29-35/33 kV) and capacity from 100 kVA to 7500 kVA.

What stops you now? Let us know. We shall find the right solution for you.

Better Voltage Regulation

EVR Power, the exceptional automation voltage regulators suppliers and manufacturers, has designed the AVRs meticulously to provide a constant voltage supply, irrespective of the input line voltage.

There are several factors to keep in mind while designing a voltage regulator. The circuit design, wire & cable size, transformer reactance, motor starter, and power factor – all affect voltage regulation.

That is why we have incorporated the best design principles to provide you a voltage regulation accuracy of ±1% regardless of all these potential obstacles.

Low Impedance

Impedance is the resistance to the flow of electric current. So lower the impedance, lower the voltage imbalance, and harmonic distortion.

EVR Power’s automatic voltage regulators are designed for low impedance. Our products have helped our clients to attenuate power surges, spikes, and distortion which can cause harm to sensitive electronics thereby ensuring maximum uptime and equipment lifespan.

We have a multi-level dominance in the manufacturing, supply, distribution, export, and service of the Automatic Voltage Regulators. Want to choose the best? Then choose us, the never-disappointing automatic voltage regulators suppliers.

Excellent Load Compatibility

Our Automatic Voltage Regulators are manufactured in line with your specific load requirement. To ensure proper operation and to avoid interference with the operation of other loads (in case all the loads are connected to the same power source), the voltage regulation must be compatible with the load.

EVR Power’s high-performance automatic voltage regulators can handle loads with high starting currents, all power factors, and high crest factors.

Specifications of our Automatic Voltage Regulator

Rated Power: Depends on Distribution Transformer

Minimum System Voltage: Variable

Maximum System Voltage: Variable

Coolant Type: Insulating Oil

Voltage Regulation Accuracy: ±1%

Insulation Material: Insulation paper

Guarantee for the Product: 1 year

Warranty for the Product: 1 year


  •  Automatic voltage regulators are used in industrial, commercial, residential applications to improve equipment and power reliability.
  • They are employed in Data Centres and other buildings with computer systems to avoid costly downtime and productivity.
  • AVRs are used in hospitals, healthcare, and pharmaceutical units to guard the medical equipment against damage.
  • They are used for the regulation of broadcasting transmitter sites, studios, and other commercial broadcasting solutions.

If you have any kind of the above setup in and around Chennai, you cannot miss out on our AVRs. Get an instant quote now from the prominent Automatic Voltage Regulator manufacturer and suppliers, EVR Power.

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