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A Water Chiller is a device used to lower the temperature of the water used in machinery. It does so by removing the heat generated from a piece of equipment as a result of an industrial, manufacturing, or commercial process.


About Water Chillers

Imagine the kind of damage heat produces to your equipment if there are no water chillers: Your equipment would fail prematurely. And, the consequences are,

  • Huge replacement costs
  • Lost production until you repair or replace
  • Periodic and sudden equipment shutdowns

The list goes on. To steer clear of the mentioned issues, a water chiller is a one-stop solution. Remove the heat from the machines to keep them in an effective working condition for a long period. Therefore, when you choose a water chiller for your industry, make sure to select a quality one.

EVR Power, one of the top water chiller manufacturers in India, builds the best chillers. Call us to know more.

Water Chiller and its Operation

A Water Chiller is a device used to lower the temperature of the water used in machinery. It does so by removing the heat generated from a piece of equipment as a result of an industrial, manufacturing, or commercial process.

Chillers are generally classified into Vapor Absorption chillers and Vapor compression Chillers. The vapour compression-type chillers differ from the Vapor absorption-type as the former uses a mechanical compressor driven by electricity to force the refrigerant around the Chiller unit while the latter uses heat for this purpose. Of the two classifications, Water chillers come under the Vapor compression type.

The parts in a water chiller include,

  • An evaporator
  • A compressor
  • A condenser
  • An expansion valve.

The refrigerant cycle inside a water chiller unit starts from the compressor. Then the gaseous form of refrigerant flows through the coils of the condenser. The Condenser removes the heat and as a result, the gas begins to be condensed into a liquid. The liquid then goes through the expansion valve.

The valve restricts the inflow of the liquid refrigerant and passes it to the evaporator. Inside the evaporator, the liquid form of refrigerant turns into gas. In this stage, the gas is very cold and when the liquid/water makes a contact with this cold refrigerant, the heat of the fluid is absorbed by the refrigerant. Now, the hot refrigerant enters the compressor to make the circle complete and the whole process starts all over again.

Why a Water Chiller is important?

To address the challenges such as loss of productivity, shortened lifespan of machines, increased maintenance costs, etc. industrial equipment absolutely need water chillers. The water chillers help in keeping the pressure and temperature consistent by removing the heat from different equipment, which, in turn, prolong the lifespan of machines.

Besides, water chillers are eco-friendly and reduce your operating costs as they minimize the water consumption of machines through recirculation.

Why should you choose EVR Power as your Water Chiller manufacturing partner?

EVR Power is one of the leading industrial water chiller manufacturers in India. We want to make sure that every product we make is of top-notch quality. That is why our Chillers are manufactured using best-in-class raw materials and precision technology to provide a steady thermal environment.

Not convinced? Learn more about the best water chiller manufacturer and supplier in India.

Salient features of EVR Power’s Water Chillers

EVR Power’s water chillers are designed and built in a robust manner to match the modern trends in equipment manufacturing. EVR Power is an ISO-certified organization with no compromise on quality. Our cooling solutions include industrial water chillers, stainless steel water chillers, water chilling machines, etc.

Splendid Design and Excellent Performance

Our experts handpick the superior quality raw materials that suit the application and enable maximum efficiency. The body of the water chiller is made up of Galvanized Steel. Our long-life and high energy efficient compressor will consume less electricity but at the same time provide excellent cooling quickly. Proper insulation is also made to provide efficient lubrication even in the event of power failure.

Our water chillers have a compact and space-saving design that makes them fit quickly into most of the buildings and are very easy to install. This makes EVR Power’s water chillers ideas choices for any type of industrial buildings.

Superior Reliability

EVR Power has superior reliability and reputation as a Water Chiller manufacturer among the customers. This is because we always aim to deliver the best in what we do. Our Chillers undergo numerous functional testing in line with national and international standards to provide fail-proof products. We are known for providing a comprehensive range of products at affordable prices with no compromise in quality.

High Energy Efficiency

As an organization, we always aim to provide energy-efficient solutions to our clients. Our water chillers have a greater surface area in brazed-plate evaporators for less energy consumption. This is one of the many reasons that make us the best water chiller manufacturer in India.

Specifications of our Water Chillers

Capacity: 10 – 30 ton

Power supply: 220 V/415 V AC

Phase & Frequency: Single-phase/Three-phase & 50 Hz

Power: 10 kW

Temperature range: +5 to 35 degrees celsius

Cooling medium: Distilled water

Refrigerant: R-134A, R-407C and R-410A

Configurations: Standalone/Immersion type

Condenser Type: Stainless Steel / Copper Brazed

Evaporator Type: Stainless Steel / Copper Brazed

Operating environment: Indoor / Outdoor

Noise level: < 85 dB

Life expectancy: 10-15 years

Guarantee for the Product: 1 Year

Warranty for the Product: 1 Year

We also provide extended warranty options up to 10 years and also AMC support is available for the entire lifespan of the equipment.

Amazing isn’t it? We think these features are enough to persuade you in buying our product. But if there are still some queries in your mind, you can always share them with us. Our experts at EVR Power are here to answer and advise on the best water chiller for your industrial or commercial enterprise.

Applications of Water Chillers

Water chillers are used across various sectors such as Engineering, Institutional, Industrial & Commercial applications.

  • They are used in Medical Processes, Laboratory Equipments, Hospitals, Chemical & Pharmaceutical companies.
  • They are vital equipment in industries using Laser Technology, Welding Engineering, Blow Mold Machines, Injection Molding Machines, Plastics Processing, Electroplating Industry.
  • They are also used in the Food Processing and Beverage Industry.
    Water chillers have their purpose in Dye and Pigment Manufacturing, Rubber industries, Plasma Spray Machines, etc.
  • They also play an important role in industries like Anodizing Plants, Induction Hardening Machine, Foundries, Computer Chip Manufacturing, and also in Telecommunications.
  • Apart from this, they are used in Aeronautical Testing & Defense Laboratory Testing Facility.

Did we answer your question, “Why you should choose EVR Power?”

We will say it again in simple words. Because we are the best water chiller manufacturer and supplier in India. Contact us now to learn more about us.

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