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A Power Factor Panel is a device installed in the electrical system for the purpose of controlling and enhancing the Power Factor. 

 But what is a power factor? And why should it be improved? 

Well, if you calculate the output power of an AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) circuit for the same voltage and current, you could find that the power is less in AC compared to DC. Why?  

Because of the POWER FACTOR.  

The Power factor is the relationship between the active power and the apparent power. In layman’s terms, it is the measurement of how effectively the power is used from the total power consumed. The higher the power factor, the better the power usage is.   

An ideal circuit results in a Power Factor that equals 1. But unfortunately, no electrical system in an AC circuit has a unity Power factor due to the losses.


How is Power Correction done?

As most electrical loads are inductive in nature, they tend to draw current that lags behind the supply voltage. So adding the right amount of capacitance (which is reactive with current leading the supply voltage) in parallel compensates for the inductive load and returns the power factor to almost unity. That is what a Power factor Panel does. 

Did you know? Most of the State Electricity Boards insist the industries have loaded with a higher power factor (0.90 – 0.99) since it is a key in measuring the electrical consumption of a facility. They also impose a penalty in the electricity bills for the industry that uses loads/equipment with a low power factor as they draw more current for the corresponding voltage.  

From the operations perspective, this low power factor drawing high current creates excessive heat in the equipment, huge voltage drops off and results in poor voltage regulation.  

But you don’t have to worry anymore, because you have landed on the right page. EVR Power, the best Power Factor Panel Manufacturers of industrial power factor panels, can help you and your business by enhancing and maintaining a good power factor. 

Why Choose EVR Power as your Power Factor Panel Manufacturer and supplier?

EVR Power has carved a niche for itself in the transformers and Power Factor Panel manufacturing industries. They have also gained a reputation among the control panel manufacturers in Chennai, India.  

Our Power Factor Panels are fabricated from imported raw materials and rust-proof steel materials with rigorous quality testing that ensures their highly efficient performance. Our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the industry guidelines and ISO standards. 

Salient features of EVR’s Power Factor Panel

EVR Power’s power factor panels incorporate a number of capacitor sections based on the characteristics and the reactive power requirements of the installation under consideration.

We have a wide assortment of Power factor panels that we supply to most of the industries/factories in and around Tamil Nadu. Owing to the indispensable features offered, We have become exceptional in Power Factor panel Manufacturers and correction panels in Chennai.

Optimum Efficiency

Our power panels are built for supreme efficiency. Improved power factor directly results in the reduction of voltage drops in the system, and hence subsequently improving the voltage at the equipment resulting in hassle-free operation.

Increased Load Carrying Capability

After installing this power factor panel, the load-carrying capability of the circuit has been increased significantly. As the existing setup carries the necessary load, it cuts down the cost of additional equipment installation.

Minimum Power Losses

Our Power factor panels are crafted for perfection. They are designed in such a way that the losses are reduced significantly to a greater extent. This also leads to lower demand charges which reduce the bill of electricity.

Specifications of our Power Factor Panel

Phase: Single phase or Three-phase

Frequency: 50 Hz

Guarantee for the Product: 1 year

Warranty for the Product: 1 year

We do offer our precious clients products to avail from various technical specifications as per their unique requirements.  Call us right away! Give us a chance to showcase our product quality, and we are sure you will make us your long-term supplier of Power factor panels.


Power Factor Panels help a great deal in the following areas of application

  • HT & LT industries
  • Electricity board distribution system
  • Pumping station
  • Effluent seaways
  • Water treatment plants
  • Commercial buildings


1. What is a Power Factor Panel?

Power Factor Panel is a feature that helps in providing the appropriate amount of power that’s enough for your electrical equipment. When a device draws more than the ideal amount, then it creates extra reactive currents or over-currents. If left unattended, these can cause power supply issues within the distribution circuitry and degrade overall system performance by affecting feeding appliances as well.

2. How does a Power Factor Panel work?

Power Factor Panel has multiple-stage switching for controlling reactive load by sensing the VARs. This is a programmable controller-based system that brings in microcontrollers, finds out the reactive load and switches capacitor banks of suitable capacity automatically to maintain 0.99 lag PF.

3. What is the purpose of the APFC panel?

APFC is an automated power factor control panel that automatically adjusts the power factor of a microgrid to ensure that it runs in an optimized way. There are many industries and companies, including hospitals and manufacturing plants, which have been found to not be using energy-efficient due to lower power factors. APFC can resolve this issue by acting as a circuit breaker for these sources of electricity. It will maintain factors like current, voltage, and power within specified limits so that there’s no overload and ensures optimal performance of electrical equipment. To Know more about Power Factor Panel Manufacturers in Chennai contact us.

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