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Everyone hates the Power shutdown. Thanks to the Inverters. They have become an integral part of almost all houses by serving as an alternative power source. And as far as factories and businesses are concerned, Inverters are inevitable. 

EVR Power’s Inverter transformers are intended to support applications that consist of inverter circuits. These transformers combine the functionality of an inverter with a transformer. The inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) at a low voltage, and the inverter transformer is used to step up that low voltage to a higher level that is generally required by the electrical equipment or appliances for operation. 

Converter-Inverter Transformer

How does Inverter Transformer Work?

The fundamental components of the Inverter transformer include – Transformer Core and windings, Diodes, Rectifiers, MOSFET, Circuit breakers, and OP-AMPs. 

The inverter takes input from a DC power supply source or from an energy-stored battery. A series of MOSFETs act as a switch to convert the current from DC to AC. This alternating current reaches the primary winding of the transformer that is connected in parallel. Due to electromagnetic induction, the power from the primary winding transfers to the secondary winding. The automatic voltage regulator can be stepped up or down to the desired level based on the winding arrangement. The output AC current is now ready to be fed to the load.

Typically, the circuit switches in the inverter can be alternated to turn ON or OFF. This switching happens to chop up a DC signal and makes it look like an AC signal. 

The primary facet of EVR’s Inverter transformer is that it helps to step up or step down this chopped-up DC signal. 

Why should you choose your Inverter Transformer from EVR Power?

EVR Power’s dexterous crew of technocrats and state-of-the-art facility develop the perfect Inverter transformers that fulfill the varied requirements of the clients. Being an estimable Inverter transformer manufacturers & wholesalers in Tamil Nadu, we offer our clients the best transformer solutions for their business. 

Salient Features of EVR Power’s Inverter Transformer

Here are some of the key factors that make us the special and best inverter transformer manufacturers in Chennai.

Meticulous Configuration

EVR Power’s inverter transformers are carefully crafted with imported raw materials to produce the desired output. The total output and the operational frequency usually determine the size and shape of the inverter transformer.  Nevertheless, the winding of the inverter plays a crucial role. Based on different tap configurations and the number of windings on the secondary side, multiple custom inverter transformer solutions are available in EVR power.

Stringent Quality Management

We, in EVR, thrive to provide you cost-effective transformer solutions with no compromise on quality. The final product undergoes three rigid quality checks before it is delivered to you. A Preassembly test to individually check if all the parts are under the prescribed guidelines and parameters. An assembly check to ensure the quality of the manufacturing process, and a final delivery check ensuring zero defects. 

High Durability

EVR Power’s Inverter transformers are constructed for high operational flexibility and overall durability. Our national and international standard manufacturing practices yield you a transformer that has a longer life.

It doesn’t end here. EVR Power, the inverter transformers supplier, has a well-experienced sales and support squad who are ready to provide you value-added insights for informed maintenance decisions, increased profitability, and minimized outage risk. We are at your service 24/7. So, you can call us anytime.

Now, why choose us?

Because we are the leading inverter transformers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We have 100+ happy clients who say so. Ready to join the club? Get an instant quote now!

Specifications of our Inverter Transformer

EVR Power’s Inverter Transformers are very efficient with meticulous configuration and high durability. Their specifications include,

  • Guarantee for the Product: 1 year
  • Warranty for the Product: 1 year


Inverter transformers play a prominent role in the following applications.

  • Windmill power transmission centres.
  • Home inverters and UPS systems.
  • Electronic control panels.
  • Elevator operating systems.
  • Solar Panels and Photovoltaic grids.

EVR Power, one of the top inverter transformer manufacturers and dealers in Chennai and Tamil Nadu, assure you safety and long-life transformers. 


1. How does an Inverter Transformer work?

In power conversion applications, an inverter is a device that takes power from a Direct Current (D.C.) source and produces Alternating Current (A.C.) electricity for use in typical household appliances like televisions, toasters, and small refrigerators. Inverters convert D.C. by switching the polarity of whatever electrical current the converter has from its inputted D.C. visit our website to know more about Inverter Transformer manufacturers in Chennai and details related to the product.

2. What is the purpose of an Inverter Transformer?

As a Leading Inverter Transformer manufacturers in Chennai for the past decade here few purposes of the inverter transformers. While in the common electric power industry, an inverter transfer is used primarily to convert one alternating current into another phase current and vice versa. Inverter duty transformers are just low-frequency transformers that convert energy indefinitely without changing it to a different type of energy at a different voltage, which may be more useful in certain circumstances such as connecting solar panels to battery banks or other highly efficient appliances.

3. What is the difference between Transformer and Inverter?

Transformers involve the transformation of one form of energy into another. For example, electricity is transformed into light or heat and vice versa. Transformers are also used to step up voltage in order to distribute power over considerable distances. Inverters, on the other hand, can be thought of as devices that transform a given input (typically solar power) into AC, suitable for connecting to general-purpose grid power and producing a different output (in this case DC for battery storage).

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