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Servo Stabilizers play a crucial role in protecting delicate equipment. They run on servo motors, which rotate in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions to regulate the voltage fluctuation. Servo stabilizers deliver instantaneous stabilization as they take only 50 milliseconds to 5 seconds with a voltage correction speed of 100 volts per second.

EVR Power is the best servo stabilizer manufacturer in India, and they build servo stabilizers with high efficiency and low maintenance thus reducing your operating costs.   


Why do we need a Servo Stabilizer?

In today’s modern world, Voltage stabilizers are an integral need from Industrial operations to household needs for electrical stability problems. The major purpose of the voltage stabilizer is to convert unregulated input electrical signals into regulated output signals.

The different types of voltage stabilizers are: 

  • Relay type voltage stabilizer
  • Static voltage stabilizers and
  • Servo controlled voltage stabilizer.

Among the three, Servo voltage stabilizers serve the purpose of providing steady output voltage utilizing built-in servo motors. Servo stabilizers are also called automatic voltage regulators as the microprocessors present inside the electronic circuit unit actuates the servo motors when it receives a fluctuating input voltage signal.  

The servo motors move across the autotransformer and regulate the required output voltage which is transferred to the buck-boost transformer (DC to DC converter for step-up or step-down purposes).

What are the different types of Servo Stabilizer?

  • Single Phase Servo Based Voltage Stabilizers
  • Three Phase Balanced type Servo Based Voltage Stabilizers
  • Three Phase Unbalanced type Servo Based Voltage Stabilizers

The single-phase servo voltage stabilizers comprise servo motors linked with autotransformers and transfer the regulated voltage to the buck-boost transformer working on the principle discussed above. In the case of a three-phase balanced type, a servo motor is coupled with three autotransformers providing modulated steady output voltage instantaneously. 

The unbalanced type holds three different servo motors interfaced with individual autotransformers providing effective output voltage. Compared to other voltage stabilizers, servo stabilizers provide precise high voltage stabilization, rapid functioning, high reliability and serve for domestic and industrial electrical appliances.

Why EVR Power?

EVR power, one of the best servo stabilizer manufacturers in India, provides state of the art designed servo stabilizers manufactured with high-quality internal components and precise output voltage with an accuracy of ±1% for high-performance appliances.

EVR power engineers crafted uniquely designed servo voltage stabilizers certified under ISO 9001:2015 specifications providing high efficiency and long-term endurance with low maintenance cost. 

The specific oil coolant mechanism gives heavy load supplies prolonged usage and prevents overheating even during summer seasons. 

Salient features of EVR Power’s Servo Stabilizer

EVR Power supplies a wide range of servo stabilizers for low (300 – 500/ 415 V), medium (8-12/11 V, 29-35/33 kV), and high voltage requirements. EVR power’s servo stabilizers reduce energy consumption. Here are reasons why you have to choose EVR Power’s Servo stabilizers. 

Highly Reliable

EVR power incorporates various technological considerations in the construction of servo stabilizers which make them highly reliable and robust. 

Low Maintenance

EVR Power leverages high-quality components and builds highly efficient servo stabilizers with the right technology. This prolongs the lifespan of the servo stabilizers which in turn does not give too many hurdles to the operators. In a nutshell, the maintenance cost is very low.

Easily Customizable

Depending upon your voltage needs and installation mode, our team designs the servo stabilizers and delivers them in time. Besides, there are lots of options available based on the utility of servo stabilizers.

Longer Lifespan

Both your electronics and servo stabilizers will have a longer lifespan. Your electronics are protected by servo stabilizers. The servo stabilizers are protected because our team builds them with standard raw materials for winding, shielding and all other functions.


EVR Power’s servo stabilizers save energy by allowing only the required amount of energy needed by each equipment and appliance. This also results in uninterrupted productivity as the electronics will not be affected by overload or overheating and run for a longer period of time. 

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Specifications of EVR Power’s Servo Stabilizers

Frequency: 47-53 Hz

Correction Speed: 10-35V Per second

Response Time: < 10ms

Coolant Type: Insulating Oil

Voltage Regulation Accuracy: ±1%

Insulation Material: Insulation paper

Guarantee for the Product: 1 year

Warranty for the Product: 1 year

Applications of a Servo Stabilizer

  • A wide variety of applications such as industrial, domestic, commercial systems can be protected using EVR power Servo voltage stabilizers. Servo stabilizers provide safeguarding solutions for electronic devices protecting their electrical/electronic components from serious damage.

  • The input signal fluctuation causes heat energy causing premature failure to the sensitive circuit board and microprocessor chips. The recurrence of fluctuating signals causes permanent damage to the electric and electronic system. Therefore, Servo stabilizers provide a stable flow of input voltage balanced according to the electric system and prevent overheating. The effective performance keeps the electrical system in ambient conditions providing longevity.

  • In recent times, the rapid advancement of the Information technology revolution requires an uninterrupted stable power supply for the use of high computing power in large Data centres and IT-based tech parks to avoid several factors such as network issues, data fragmentation and server problems. Servo stabilizer provides 100 % protection to the overall electrical devices supplying precisely engineered output power supply.

  • Also, real-time scenarios such as live broadcasting studios, concerts and massive live events require standardized input voltage to avoid critical failures for up and down streaming of data. Automatic voltage regulators can handle heavy voltage fluctuations and provide long-hour service for outdoor conditions. Therefore, EVR power is a one-stop solution for all your transformer needs delivering products with cutting edge technology and further providing outstanding services round the clock for our valuable clients.

If you are looking to purchase cost-effective servo stabilizers, contact EVR Power. They are here to help you run seamless operations in your industries and other required places.

You need not exhaust yourself by trying ‘Servo stabilizer manufacturers near me’ on Google, just contact EVR Power blindfolded, you will land on the most effective product.  


1. What is the purpose of the Servo Stabilizer?

A Servo Stabilizer is a motor-powered apparatus that helps stabilize familiar household appliances, like refrigerators and air conditioners. It does this by means of a process called voltage boost technology using a Buck\Boost transformer. This prevents electrical power volatilities from causing damage to your appliances.

2. How do Servo Stabilizer work?

The mechanics of a servo voltage stabilizer operate by ensuring that the input voltage is always constant and no matter the output load current. The electronic circuitry within the device sends an analogue signal to the oscillator along with a digital pattern which in turn sends signals to the Motor Driver and subsequently activates the Servo Motor, driving across the windings of an autotransformer – these connections make up a part of an oscillator which changes its frequency according to incoming signals from microprocessors.

3. What is the difference between Servo Stabilizer and Voltage Stabilizer?

As the Voltage stabilizer doesn’t contain any moving parts, it is a pure electric circuit that makes up the corrections in voltages. On the other hand, the Servo Stabilizer uses a servomotor controlled stabilization system that helps make voltage corrections.

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