Harmonic Mitigating Transformer Manufacturers

Harmonic Mitigating transformers or HMT’s are explicitly designed to minimize the voltage distortion and power losses that result from harmonic load currents generated in non-linear loads such as computers, TVs, printers, etc.  As non-linear loads draw current in abrupt short pulses, they distort the current waveforms and generate harmonics.  

Is harmonics a serious problem?   

A big Yes. They cause power problems and can destroy the distribution equipment as well as the load connected to it.   

Blown fuses, repeated breaking of trippers, increased heating of motors, generators, and cables, failure & malfunction of data processing and communications equipment, premature failure of distribution transformers – if you have experienced any of this, it might be because of harmonics. Don’t worry. We have got your back.    

EVR Power’s entire family of Harmonic mitigating transformer  Manufacturers are here to take the HARM out of the HARMONICS and improve system stability.

Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

Why do we need Harmonic Mitigating Transformers? 

HMT’s are proven to be an economical solution to combat the harmful effects of harmonics. Reducing harmonic current in electrical systems with the help of HMT enables the device to operate in lower temperatures. This results in lower cooling costs, lower maintenance costs, less equipment malfunction, and above all a more reliable electrical system. Isn’t that what we all want?

Why should you choose EVR Power as your Harmonic Mitigating Transformer Manufacturers?

EVR Power is one of the eminent HMT manufacturers in Chennai. Our sophisticated design and technology expertise has made us the predominant supplier and manufacturer of harmonic testing and mitigation transformers in India. On-time delivery, supreme quality, and customer-centricity are the business ethics that have helped us to carve a niche for ourselves in this domain of electrical engineering.

Salient features of EVR’s Harmonic Mitigating Transformer

Are you looking for Harmonic mitigating transformer manufacturers and services in Chennai? 

EVR Power is here to help you.  

EVR Power’s Harmonic Mitigation transformers are constructed with elegant space-saving designs for easy handling and installation. They use phase-shifting, electromagnetic flux cancellation, and source impedance to reduce harmonic currents in electrical distribution systems. They are also made with vibrating isolation pads to provide quiet operation.  

The main parts of EVR’s Harmonic mitigating transformers include – Core & Coil assemblies, Taps, electrostatic shielding, wiring/terminations, enclosures, etc. As there are no moving parts, there will not be many losses in the HMT. 

Reduced Voltage Distortion

HMTs are typically energized 24/7 for 365 days a year and at any given point of time, they treat harmonics irrespective of the load connected to them.  EVR’s Harmonic mitigating transformers are designed to reduce voltage distortion and provide a healthier environment for the loads. They increase system capacity and reliability and prevent electronic circuit breaker malfunctions. 

Mitigation by Phase Shifts

By introducing considerable phase shifts in the secondary side of the Harmonic mitigation transformer, the non-triplen harmonics can be mitigated. Depending on the arrangement selected, few of the harmonic currents can be mitigated without coupling them to the primary windings. We are the best three-phase Harmonic mitigation transformers manufacturer in Chennai.  

Zero Sequence Flux Cancellation

EVR Power’s Harmonic mitigating transformers are designed to produce a low impedance path to the harmonic currents by enabling flux cancelation. It is possible by making the secondary windings of HMTs in such a way that zero-sequence flux cancels out without being drawn from the primary and circulating in the primary delta winding. Consequently, the losses within the transformer are also reduced significantly.  

EVR Power’s harmonic mitigating transformers have been and will continue to be a vital component in this modern era of electricals and electronics. Our harmonic mitigating transformers are energy star labelled as a sign that they are in the upper tier of energy-efficient products.  

Specifications of our Harmonic Mitigating Transformer

  • Guarantee for the Product: 12 months 
  • Warranty for the Product: 12 months 

A good Harmonic Mitigating Transformer Manufacturers or supplier relationship with the customer doesn’t end after the sales call. It ought to continue even after that. That is why we in EVR power take after-sales service seriously. Our service and support standards are spectacular. We instantly respond to your queries and provide better service. 


  • In commercial office buildings, data centres, customer-service call centres, the presence of printers and copying machines can create harmonics, and installation of Harmonic mitigation transformers can prevent losses. 
  • Harmonic mitigation transformers are employed in medical facilities as most diagnostic and analysis equipment is electronic and is prone to harmonics. 
  • HMTs are beneficial in conditions with non-linear loads such as computers, variable speed drives, printers, Fax machines, etc. 
  • HMTs are installed in schools and college laboratories that contain several electronic devices. 
  • They are also installed in theatres, recording studios, and gaming facilities.


1. What is a Harmonic Transformer?

Harmonic is the disturbance or variation produced in a regular periodic wave. It’s an integral multiple of some reference waves. The harmonic wave increases the core and copper loss in an electrical transformer and hence reduces their efficiency. This also increases the dielectric stress on insulating transformers. To know more about Harmonic Mitigating Transformer manufacturers and suppliers in Tamilnadu contact us.

2. How does a Harmonic Mitigating Transformer work?

Harmonic mitigating transformers are a phase-shifting and electromagnetic reactive device that reduces the amount of heat it takes for a transformer to cool down. This in turn reduces the amount of heat that harmonic currents produce by cancelling out these transients using electromagnetic flux cancelling. As a leading Harmonic Mitigating Transformer Manufacturers check out our website to know more.

3. When would you use a Harmonic Mitigating Transformer?

Harmonic Mitigating Transformers are specifically designed to minimize voltage distortion and power losses that result from the harmonics generated by non-linear loads such as personal computers. HMT’s are used to provide a smooth source of power into non-linear loads, such as Microwave ovens, Electric room heaters, Induction motors, Fluorescent lights, and other non-linear loads. HMT’s are particularly effective when used with computer equipment. The use of HMT’s will result in an increase in the life of your equipment, by providing a purer source of harmonic free AC power.

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