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A low Tension Panel or an LT Panel is an electrical distribution board that controls the Power supply of any infrastructure.

The LT panel receives power from a Transformer or Generator and distributes it to various electrical and electronic devices and distribution boards. Panels are regarded as voltage switching devices that serve as protection for Distribution Transformers. 


Construction and Working of LT Panels

LT panel constitutes of several types of equipment such as Feeders, Current transformer (CT), Potential transformer (PT), space heater, Circuit breaker (CB), Relay, Bus bars, etc. 

The vital part of an LT panel is the Circuit breaker. ACB (Air Circuit Breaker), MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker), MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) are different types of circuit breakers fitted with the LT panels to receive the power from the source and distribute it to various loads. There is an incoming feeder section where electrical power is received by ACB/MCCB/MCB and connected with outgoing feeders through the internal bus-bars. The outgoing feeder then connects to the load or sub-panel through various cables. 

These panels are connected to measurement instruments through the Instrument transformers (Current & Potential  Transformers) and thus help in supplying the required voltage as per the application. 

There are different types of LT panels available in the market. Based on the area of application, a specific LT panel can be used.

  1. Distribution Board – A distribution board is a panel that distributes the electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits. It also contains a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure.
  2. PCC Panel – Power Control Centre is employed in the distribution and control of various power sources used in an organization
  3. MCC Panel – Motor Control Centre Panel is used in places where various individual motor starters are powered from similar mains.
  4. APFC Panel – APFC Panel or Automatic Power Factor Control as the name suggests is mainly used for improving the Power Factor of the equipment.

Apart from the above, there are also various other LT panels used such as AMF Panels, Auto/Manual Synchronising Load Sharing Panel, Control and Relay Panel,

Bus Ducts & Rising Mains, Capacitor Panel, Feeder Pillar, Meter Board, Intelligent Switchboards with Computer & BMS Interface.

The Proper functioning of an LT panel is essential to ensure that the various loads connected to the distribution board receive the right amount of power supply. Therefore, it is important to purchase the LT panel from a trusted manufacturer.

Why you should purchase your LT Panel from EVR Power?

EVR Power is an ISO-certified electrical types of equipment manufacturing company with experienced technocrats in electrical engineering and a world-class manufacturing facility that produces high-quality LT panels to fulfil the varied requirements of the clients. Every product we make undergoes a series of type testing at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure zero-failure product.

Salient features of EVR Power’s LT Panels

EVR Power is a leading LT Panels manufacturer in India. EVR Power offers superior quality Low Tension panels at highly competitive prices. EVR Power has a complete in-house facility for manufacturing premium quality LT Panels. These panels are designed and manufactured under strict engineering standards to deliver a first-class product with reliable safety features.

Sturdy Construction

EVR Power’s LT panels have rugged construction and can withstand different climate conditions which makes them ideal for both internal and external use. LT panels are used with Low tension cables and are designed to operate at low voltage (less than 1kV) with low insulation levels and high current distribution. These panels use thicker conductors and are used to transmit power to small distances.

Quality and Safety

EVR Power’s products are manufactured with stringent quality practices and precise rating components to deliver the products with top-notch quality. LT panels are designed in compliance with international quality and are tested as per IEC and IS standards. Our clients are satisfied with our quality and that is why we are a reputed manufacturer and supplier of LT Panels in Chennai.

High Efficiency

EVR’s Power’s Low tension panels are constructed for high operational efficiency and optimum performance. A team of expert engineers thrives to improve the quality and design of the panels making it an ideal choice for all domestic and industrial applications. EVR Power promises great value for your money.

Owing to the following benefits, EVR Power’s LT panels are widely used in the electrical and electronic industries.

  • Small installation area due to its compact design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Reduced maintenance & increased reliability
  • Tailor-made to suit clients’ requirements

Not just this, EVR has an excellent after-sales and maintenance service that provides periodic inspection of the panels in the installation sites. They also have spare parts for imported panels and undertake all kinds of brand repairs.

EVR Power’s support team is at your service 24/7 So you can reach out to them anytime for any kind of panel service.

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Specifications of our Panel Cooler

  • Enclosure Material: CRCA (Cold Rolled Close Annealed)
  • Design: Compartmental Double Door Enclosure with canopy and lifting hooks
  • Construction Type: Modular & Fixed type
  • Maximum Rated Current: Up to 8000 A, 65 KA
  • Operational Voltage: Up to 800VAC
  • Insulation voltage: Up to 1000VAC
  • Ambient Temperature: 50°C
  • Protection: 800V AC MCCB for input protection (Thermal Magnetic/Microprocessor) and 800V AC ACB for output protection (MF/MDO/EDO)
  • Sheet Thickness: 1.6 mm / 2 mm
  • Ingress Protection: 54/55
  • Build: Ground-mounted / Rooftop
  • Bus Bar: Aluminium / Copper (Au or Cu)
  • Input Method and Output method: Double Compression Nickel Plated Cable Gland
  • Tested & Certified as per ISO standards
  • Guarantee for the product: 1 year
  • Warranty for the product: 1 year


  • LT Panels are used in the Electricity Board distribution system.
  • The power supply to our household applications is at low voltage. so LT Panels are most commonly used in household and commercial applications
  • They are used in Solar power generation, Water Treatment plants, pumping stations, etc.

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