14 Best Transformer Manufacturers in Pune

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Power generation is a wonderful invention of mankind but it came with its own cons. We had to address a number of concerns to reap the most out of it. Two of them are long-distance transmission and safety. That is where transformers came into the picture. They stepped up and stepped down the voltages depending upon the needs of the end-users, either commercial or residential. Power had become the basic need of humanity and it paved the way for all the modern inventions that followed.

Cities usually consumed more electricity than rural areas as there are many industries such as IT, manufacturing, automobile and also crowded residential areas. The consumption of electricity too became huge. Also, the cities started expanding ever since people found more opportunities and pay in the cities. And so, many new transmission lines have to be set up to give power connections to those areas.

Pune is the second major IT hub of India. Not only that, it is the automobile and manufacturing hub in India. In such a city, every industry needs a trusted power distribution partner to protect themselves and also provide a safe work environment to their employees. In this blog, we have compiled a list of quality transformer manufacturers in Pune to help you get the best transformer for your company.

Here are 14 Transformer manufacturers in Pune

1. EVR Power


EVR Power is known for its premium quality components, international standard transformer designs and cutting-edge technology in the construction of transformers. They build transformers that are robust, thus reducing the maintenance costs of the companies. The high pace of operation of the transformers, which are due to the design standardization and modularization, helps companies to have high productivity.

EVR Power has over three decades of experience in transformer manufacturing, installation, testing, supply and commissioning. The team of technocrats and their expertise ensure the delivery of state-of-the-art transformers to companies across India and also outside India. The round-the-clock customer support is the main highlight of their top-notch service. In addition to that, EVR Power guides its customers in choosing the right product for their business needs. With 40+ employees, the team has satisfied 200+clients’ power requirements from various industries.

EVR power’s transformers are so efficient that there is a reduction in power loss and noise levels. Besides, they have a long lifespan because of their sturdy construction. The company follows all the proven trends in the design and development of transformers. EVR Power is one of the best transformer manufacturers and suppliers in Pune and the whole of India.

Not just transformers, EVR Power also manufactures water chillers, oil chillers, panel coolers, industrial refrigerators, power factor panels, servo stabilizers, automatic voltage regulators and electroplating rectifiers, phase shifters, reactors, auto-transformers, rectifiers, buck, boost, DC/AC Inverters, DC/DC converters. They are your one-stop solution for all power-related challenges. Besides, they are one of the best manufacturers of Dry-type (VPI) & Cast Resin (CRT) transformers.

Why EVR Power is one of the Best Transformer Manufacturers in Pune?

  • EVR Power follows the International safety standard to ensure a safe working environment despite the sector the transformers are used in.
  • In order to attain accuracy in the construction of transformers, computerized designs and blueprints are leveraged by the product design team.
  • In addition, the transformers are designed and constructed in such a way that they are sustainable and efficient for a long period of time.
  • EVR Power offers maintenance and repair services to transformers of any make.
  • They provide customized transformer solutions to understand the power needs of the prospects and existing clients.  
  • Instantly, they provide the cost estimate of the products and services the prospects need.
  • EVR Power also enhances the transformers by adding an additional cooling oil pump.
  • They also repair transformers both in-house and also at sites.
  • In both national and international markets, EVR Power has gained a trusted reputation for developing and supplying high-quality transformers.
  • A hassle-free smooth-working transformer – if you need it, EVR Power is there to help you.

Give them a call to learn more about the wide range of power distribution and stabilization products they develop.

Establishment: 1998

Business: Transformers and Cooling Panels

Website: ww.evrpower.com

Products Manufactured at EVR Power: Small Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Isolation/ Ultra Isolation Transformer, Converter/Inverter Transformers, Phase Shifting Transformers, Auto/Booster Transformer, Salt Bath Furnace Transformers and Harmonic Mitigating Transformers, electroplating rectifier, power factor panel, servo stabilizer, automatic voltage regulator, water chillers, panel cooler, oil chiller.

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2015

Clientele: NTPC, TANGEDCO, BHEL, Ozone Group, Brakes India Pvt Ltd, Samsung, Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilding, Delphi-TVS, Axles India Limited, Renault Nissan, India Pistons Limited, Toshiba, Vikatan, Hwashin, Magickwoods, MMF, Murugappa, TEL Turbo Energy, UnipresAsahi India Glass Ltd, Bharat.

2. Trutech Products

Established in 1997, Trutech products always understands the demand of the market and strives harder to fulfil it with high-quality transformer products. Their team of experts offer customization options and supplies to Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur and many other cities in India. They deliver the consignment within the stipulated time at the doorstep. Under the supervision of the quality inspector at the in-house manufacturing facility, they build the quality laboratory-tested transformers. 

Establishment: 1997

Business: Transformer Manufacturers

Accreditation: ISO 14001:2015

Clientele: Bosch, Schlumberger, Cosmo Films, elringklinger, Eaton, Opto Tech, Husco International, HLL Lifecare Limited, Emerson. 

3. Voltamp Transformers Limited

Based in Vadodara, Voltamp manufactures power and distribution transformers of 160 MVA, 220 kV class. Voltamp has worked in various sectors including government projects, refineries, fertilizer plants, power sector, pharma, paper, steel, cement sectors, etc. Their sincere service and dedication make them one of the leading transformer manufacturers in Pune and all of India. 

Establishment: 1963

Business: Power-related Equipment

Products: Oil Filled Transformers, Cast Resin Transformers, Unitised Sub-Station, Induction Furnace Transformers and Lighting Transformers.

Website: www.voltamptransformers.com

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2015

4. Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers, a small-scale industrial unit situated in Pune, manufactures Toroidal Power Transformer in the range 15VA-5 KVA and Toroidal Low tension Current Transformers of any rating in tape wound as well as resin cast. The vibration-free low noise transformers with reduced reactance and temperature are suitable for high-frequency supply systems. They are customizable, economical and one of the leading transformer manufacturers in Pune for small-scale industries.

Establishment: 1994

Business: Transformers

Products: Toroidal Power Transformers and Toroidal Current Transformers

Accreditation: ISO 9001: 2015

5. Datsons

Datsons is one of the best transformer manufacturers in Pune, which caters to the sturdy power conditioning equipment to various industries in and around Pune. They innovate and upgrade the products periodically to provide the best service to the customers and also to match the international transformer standards. Besides, the management team organizes continual improvement programs to maintain the quality of products and services.

Business: Power conditioning equipment

Products: Power distribution unit – Intelligent PDU, Edge PDU, PDU, PDB. Isolation transformer cubicle, servo controlled voltage stabilizers, isolation transformer, auto phase sequence corrector, auto source change over.

Accreditation: ISO 9001: 2015

Clientele: Bhel, Dell. Ultratech, Wipro, Laurson and Toubro, IBM, HCL, iGate

6. Amruta Enterprises

Amruta enterprises have an excellent transformer manufacturing process that is carried out by superior and latest machinery. They have a well-qualified team and advanced infrastructure to produce a wide range of power-related transformers and other equipment. The design is so accurate that the functioning of the transformers is uninterrupted until it is manually shut down by the operators. The high accuracy and efficiency make Amruta Enterprises one of the best transformer manufacturers in Pune.

Establishment: 1988

Business: Transformers, reactors and inductors

Products: Distribution transformers, residual voltage transformer, control transformer, single-phase and phase isolation transformers, three-phase power transformers, rectifier transformers, Thyristorised welding rectifier transformers, high voltage transformers, three-phase isolation transformers, battery charger transformers.

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2008 

7. ShivShakti Power Device India Pvt Ltd

ShivShakti Power Device India Pvt Ltd has a wonderful infrastructure to support its production unit and quality assurance, team. Its motto is to delight its valuable customers by providing great service and highly efficient transformers. Their repairing services include thorough inspection, refurbishment, testing, restocking complete rewinds, adjustment and core repairs. They have an authorized service workshop for full inspection, component analysis and replacement and thorough cleaning. ShivShakti delivers the consignment and completes the maintenance services within the said date and time. 

Establishment: 1996

Business: Transformers

Products: Indoor distribution transformers, outdoor distribution transformers, oil-cooled distribution transformer, transformer with OLTC.

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2008, BIS BEE, MSEDCL 

8. Sonal Transformers

Sonal transformers build high current and high voltage transformers, chokes, inductors, reactors, single-phase and three-phase transformers with powerful and advanced machinery like Lusona make Multi-spindle automation coil winding M/C and automatic engraving machines. The transformers are compact-sized and corrosion-resistant. The operators have a trouble-free performance from the transformers built by Sonal transformers. Thus, Sonal transformers are one of the quality transformer manufacturing companies in Pune. 

Establishment: 2008

Business: Transformers, chokes and inductors

Products: X-Ray transformer, single-phase isolation transformer, three-phase isolation transformer, single-phase transformer, auto transformer, control transformer, chokes and inductors, transformer coil, three-phase transformer, power transformers, UPS transformers, lighting transformer, moulding transformer, step down transformer, welding transformer, CT coil.

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2008 

9. AB Engineering

AB Engineering has a team of expert engineers who have committed themselves to the design, development and manufacturing of a wide range of transformers. Their main focus is on the quality and reliability of the transformers, and so they conduct quality checks at every stage of manufacturing. Their dedication and sincerity make them one of the trusted transformer manufacturers in Pune. 

Establishment: 2003

Business: Transformers and chokes

Products: Isolation transformers, series choke for capacitor, power factor panel, control transformer, current transformer, drive choke, shunt choke, high voltage transformer.

10. Tate Electricals

Tate Electricals is one of the pioneers of distribution transformer technology, and they manufacture the most reliable and energy-efficient transformers for an affordable price. Tate Electricals has more than 30+ years of experience in the power engineering sector, and they ensure complete adherence to four management processes, which include process, product, people and progress. They provide transformer maintenance, onsite services and also refurbishment. The constant attention to clients makes them one of the leading transformer manufacturing companies in Pune.

Business: Transformers

Products: Single phase distribution transformer, three-phase distribution transformer, distribution transformer with OLTC, Dry epoxy resin distribution transformer, amorphous alloy distribution transformer, power transformer.

Accreditation: ISO 9001: 2008

11. Tesla Transformers Pvt Ltd

Tesla transformers that deal with both domestic and international clients is NABL accredited and has executed projects up to 220kV transmission lines and substations. They have supplied more than 20000 tailored transformers to various continents for over three decades. They have a strong reputation for after-sales service and meeting delivery schedules. The transformers come with a guarantee period of 2 to 5 years depending upon the client’s needs and this makes them one of the most trusted transformer manufacturers in Pune. 

Establishment: 1973

Business: Transformers and substation

Products: Power and distribution transformers, dry-type transformers for converter duty application, solar application multi winding transformers, unitized packaged substation

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018

12. Herco Transformers

Herco transformers are licensed to work with Indian Railways, Research and Development Organization. Their main focus is to work on the manufacturing of high voltage transformers and current transformers for highly sensitive applications. They have a dedicated team of engineers to take care of new product development and introduction. Their innovation has led to many new advanced technologies onboard to create customized solutions for the clients. 

Establishment: 1958 

Business: Transformers and Converters

Products: Ignition transformers, electrostatic, instrumentation, power transformers, control and isolation, electromagnet, neon transformers, power converter.

Accreditation: CE/UL/BIS/EN/CSA compliant products

13. Amar Transformers Pvt LTD

Amar transformers supply transformers and chokes of different capacities based on the clients’ electrical needs. They have grown since 1990 as a result of the dedicated effort of their technicians and skilled workforce. Amar Transformers strive to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price while conforming to the latest international standards. Quality and efficiency make them one of the good transformer manufacturers in Pune.

Establishment: 1990

Business: Transformers and Reactors

Products: Lightning transformers, Autotransformer, Detuned Reactor, Air core reactors, oil-cooled reactors, Scott Tee transformer

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2008

Clientele: Venky’s, Mahindra, Bank of India, Lumax, Auto technologies. Auto Line, Ador welding, Sudarshan, Jayashree polymers, Amcor, Sahyadri, Agrovet, Fukoku, Otis, Atlas Copco, Lumax Auto Technologies, Mahindra, Adico Forge Pvt LTD, DTL Ancillaries LTD, Regen Powertech, Ultra Engineers.

14. Brilltech 

Brilltech is currently trying to expand its roots to the markets of Kuwait, Algeria, Italy, Japan, Oman, Nepal, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark. The company offers various turnkey solutions to the industries that are looking for power panels. Transformers is one of the many that they manufacture but still they build a wide range of transformers that include electrical transformers. Oil-filled transformers, Dry-type transformers, distribution transformers, power transformers, isolation transformers, amorphous transformers, converter transformers, furnace transformers, cast resin transformers, current transformers, electrical power transformers, power distribution transformers and potential transformers.

Establishment: 2007

Business: Electrical panel and transformers

Products: Panel, Electrical Cable, Chemical Earthing, Transformers, Generator set, Bus Duct, Cable Tray 

Accreditation: ISO 9001:2008

Clientele: Shapoorji Pallonji, Shree Vardhman, Dwarkadhis, Sunshine, Park plaza, rg group. Tulip, Chintels, Assotech, British Council, Genesis, ATS, AIPL, Krrish, Central Park.


For a city that has huge needs for transformers, the management of all the companies in Pune should diligently choose a transformer that is high performing and less vulnerable to human error. Also, accuracy is a crucial factor that should be considered while deciding on a purchase. Research and consult the best transformer manufacturers and suppliers in Pune before you make that hard decision. Many are ready to offer to consult. Listen and then make your choice. 

EVR Power is a great transformer technology partner as it, with utmost care and attention builds transformers that suit the requirements of different clients for different purposes. Understanding is the key to having happy and satisfied clients. The team has always known its power and does its best to implement the solutions that help the clients to overcome the power-related challenges. 

If you would like to add your thoughts, feel free to comment and also ask questions. And, if you are looking to have a little chat with us, connect with us today. 


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