Best Transformer Manufacturers in the United Arab Emirates 

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The UAE is a federation of 7 Emirates Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Qaiwain. The power sector in UAE is served by four government-owned bodies.  

United Arab Emirates power production has long been driven by hydrocarbons. The recent years, the government has been focusing to cater the needs of the economy which is clearly reflected in its energy plan for 2050 which was announced in 2017. According to the plan, the production of 44% of power would be from renewables, 6 percent from nuclear, 12% from coal and the rest from natural gas.  

Dubai is fast tracking the development of its energy resources to bring down its dependence on all fossil fuels. The UAE has decided to diversify its energy mix in order to minimise the environmental hazard that may arise from burning fuel. 

To accommodate the renewable energy and nonconventional fuel-based plants with the transmission grid, UAE has resolved to undertake grid expansion activities, installing more transmission lines, adding more substations and expanding the existing ones. Between January to April 30, 2021, DEWA (Dubai Electricity Water Authority) installed 6  transmission substations with a total investment of AED 1. 1 billion.  

The power grids of ADWEA (Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority), DEWA, & EWE (Emirates Water and electricity company) have been interconnected to form the Emirates national grid. Transco, UAE’s largest grid owner, has an approximately 68% share of UAE’s Line network. The majority of the substations in UAE  are at the 132 KV voltage level with Dewa accounting for 70% of those substations. 

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi National energy company(TAQA) plans to invest USD 10.9 billion in the expansion of its T&D network, which is part of the company’s 2030 vision for increasing the share of power generation from clean sources to more than 30%, from the current 5%, by 2030. UAE is well on track to meet its strategy 2050. The projections for investment in the UAE power sector also look promising. 

To meet the emerging needs of power generation, transformer technologies are evolving as well. New designs and features are being driven to enjoy improved service life, lower costs, enhanced space and optimisation, safety, reduced noise level, etc. Industries are looking for the best transformer manufacturers in UAE.  

The Need for Power Transformers 

Various governments have recognised the importance of renewable energy and decided on 24*7 power for all which is a positive sign in the market for power transformers. 

Power transformers are devices that help in the management of power and have numerous applications such as 5G panels, Electrical vehicles, robotics, household and commercial purposes.  Power transformers are required to operate at high efficiency, so the losses from these transformers are minimised.  

Power transformers can be used the whole day without any breaks. Power transformers play a crucial role in supplying power electronic circuits data used in our day-to-day life. Typical power transformers are designed to handle high voltage in the range of 33 to 400 kV. 

Green power transformers are eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective as they reduce carbon footprint. These transformers use vegetable oil instead of Mineral oil. Power transformers are more stable and offer high resistance to fire, electricity and heat. These transformers have a low noise level. This blog talks about one of the best transformer manufacturers in UAE. 

EVR Power 

Incepted in the year 1998, EVR Power, the best transformer manufacturer in UAE, has grown from the scrap by sustained teamwork and hard work spearheaded by its founder and veteran technocrats and bloomed itself as one of the most sought-after business dealers in the Power industry. 

The founder Mr. Elumalai and the Maangi Director Mr. Vengata Raman Elumalai have put their heart and soul and are a clear manifestation of dynamic leadership. Apart from the team and hard work  EVR’s attitude towards the clients and the exemplary service (24×7) offered after the purchase is made makes them one of the most amicable business partners. 

Transformer manufacturers have now become a catalyst in the sphere of the power industry by providing the impetus for the growth and development of an Economy. EVR is a synonym for premium quality components and materials. Their continuous quest for innovation and quality has escalated them to the apex in the manufacture of Power Transformers.  

They undertake service of all types of indigenous transformers and also imported ones. In spite of the hectic competition, EVR has swum the troubled waters. QUALITY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. 

EVR power is an ISO 9001- 2015 certified organisation. It is also recognised and certified by TUV NORD (Germany) which is an International organisation which validates the safety of human and production practices, material assets and the environment against hazards. This is a testimony that has added another feather to the cap of EVR power. 

Product range of EVR POWER 

EVR manufactures a wide range of transformers to suit all types of industries and household utilities. Some of the notable products are:- small power transformers, distribution Transformers, isolation/ Ultra isolation transformers, phase shifting transformers, harmonic mitigating transformers, converter/ inverter transformers, regulators, reactors/ inductors, water chillers oil chillers, Auto booster transformers, salt bath furnace transformers, and plating rectifiers. 

WHY EVR Power? 

EVR’s meticulous and hospitable service has gained a wide range of clients. Some of the prestigious and commonly known names are – BHEL, India pistons limited, NTPC, Samsung, Tamil nadu Electricity Board, 

Axles India Ltd, Delphi-TVS, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi, Toshiba and so on. 

EVR undertakes repair of transformers of any make and a range up to 5 MVA, at their places and at the site of the client( if adequate space and working facilities are available). EVR also provides the best transformers for rent.  

EVR has a vast experience in the inspection of failed and damaged transformers “in-site” and also has the ability to give rough cost estimates in order to facilitate the client to take timely decisions.  

EVR supplies spare parts required for any make of transformer as well as OLTC, including imported brands. EVR undertakes conversion of transformers for MVA/KV rating up to a hundred MVA capacity increase by providing additional cooling (ONAF) / oil pump (OFAF) / and conversion of the transformer from off Circuit to on load tap changer by providing OLTC.  

EVR is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of power and distribution as well as the dry type and cast resin Transformers. EVR caters to industries Steel manufacturing, electrochemical industry, telecommunication, Aerospace, biochemical and biomedical, defence, government  and residential projects. 

Exports of EVR Power Pvt. Ltd. 

The export market of transformers according to an analysis shows the demand for the product from 147 countries that have been actively importing transformers from India. The top five countries are USA, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and China. In the year 2009, the export value was 164.32 (US Million) which increased to 1369. 98 in the year 2020 which is undoubtedly a healthy trend. 

EVR Power products, which are a hallmark of hassle-free performance, high level of efficiency, sturdy construction and long life, have made the organisation the best choice for customers overseas. EVR has started exporting transformers to countries like UAE, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Jordan, Nigeria, Kenya and Bangladesh.  

EVR Power has a broad vision of philanthropy in general and industrial utility in particular. They aim to supply environmentally friendly transformers across the globe clubbed with innovation. 

There is not an iota of doubt that EVR will carve a niche for itself in the export sector of transformers. 


EVR Power has already started spreading its reputation for good quality transformers among the industries in UAE. You are just a call away from getting the best transformers and service from one of the leading transformers manufacturers in UAE and also in the world. Call us today to learn more. 


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