7 Best Oil Chillers in Chennai

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Role of Oil Chillers in Industries.

Chennai is a Metropolitan city which has many industrial hubs on its outskirts. To name a few, Ambathur industrial estate, Guindy industrial estate, Thiruvotriyur and Manali. Lots of Small, medium and large-scale Industries are concentrated in these places. There is a continuous usage of machinery in these places which generates a lot of heat while they function. Oil Chiller is a proven and stable cooling unit for the following: 

  • Cools down the hydraulic and lubricating oil of processing machines in various industrial applications. 
  • Uses a heat exchanger to remove the excess heat generated by internal combustion engines.
  • Maintains the temperature of cutting oil to give a better surface finish. Also, this extends the life of the tool. 

Here is the list of the best Oil Chiller manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai, India.

1. EVR Power, a pioneer in the manufacture of Transformers & Industrial chillers

EVR Power is a reputed name in the manufacturing and supplying of Industrial transformers and chillers. EVR Power has been in the market successfully for more than two and a half decades and has earned a lot of goodwill from its clients. An organization which was started in a humble way has grown to the level of a leading manufacturer and has become a reliable brand name. This was possible due to the dynamic leadership of Mr. Elumalai (the Managing Director who spearheads the organization) and his dedicated team who have been working in coordination with a common goal. 

EVR Power is the brand which comes to the minds of the customers because they are rendered excellent service and highly qualitative products followed by services even after the products are sold. The quality of the raw material is thoroughly scrutinized and there is no compromise on the quality. Having earned the reputation of one of the brand leaders, EVR Power offers solutions for power and machinery-related challenges.

EVR Power’s cooling system is one of the best in the industry. They build a wide range of Oil Chillers, refrigerated chillers, panel coolers and cooling towers. EVR Power supplies its coolant products with a high range of insulated capacity for better efficiency. The products are used in industries like food products, lubricants, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. EVR Power is one of the leading oil chiller manufacturers in Chennai. 

The production facilities are equipped with high-end technology and safe environment to deliver top-quality output and create a good workplace for the employees. The management follows values that speak for employees and customers. This customer and employee-centric approach has brought them this far with loyal clients.                                                               

Estd: 1998.

Address: Pl. NO. 64, Ponniamman Nagar, Ayanambakkam. Chennai- 600 095. Tamilnadu. 

Phone: 9144 29570117.


Products: Oil chiller, Water chiller, Water Cooler, AC, Split, Duct. 

(These products are apart from the range of transformers marketed by EVR Power)

Clientele: 1. Axles India. 2. Brakes India.3. BHEL. 4. Samsung. 5. Murugappa Group. 6. India Pistons and many prestigious Organizations.

Accreditation: ISO 9001-2015.

2. SCANAIR (Infinite cooling solutions & Technologies)

SCANAIR is the brand name marketed by Santha Engineering. The organization manufactures a wide range of products, which are ozone-friendly. The products that are built for a hassle-free operation include water chillers, chilling plants, medical chillers and oil chillers. The Organization has a service network throughout the country to take care of all the processes like designing, manufacturing, installation and service. The company manufactures chillers of various capacities and models to suit the customer requirement.

Estd: 1996.

Address: SANTHA ENGINEERING, No.8. Rathinam Garden 1st Street, Hospital Road Extention, West Saidapet, Chennai- 600 015.

Phone: 9840176877, 7200076877, 9498053377.


Products: 1. Water chillers. 2. Air chillers. 3. Brine Chillers. 4. Glycol Chillers.

3. S.S. Cooling System.

S.S. cooling system manufactures oil chillers, water chillers and air coolers. The company has a wide range of Industrial, Corporate and Residential customers. It has a network all over Chennai. S.S. Cooling System is one of the leading manufacturers of chillers with 29 years of experience having 100+ customers. In 2021, they started their all-India operations. They are one of the leading oil-chiller manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai.

Address: No.12. Venkateshwara Nagar, 10th Street, Perungudi, Near Perungudi Toll Plaza, Chennai- 600 096.

Phone: +91 8148859190.

Emailinfo@sscoolingsystem.com  sscoolingsystem24@gmail.com

Products: 1. Water cooled chiller, 2. Water chiller. 3. Oil chiller. 4. Air Cooler.

4. VGS Raghavendra Cooling Systems

VGS Raghavendra Cooling Systems is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Oil chillers in Chennai. They offer all services related to the products like installation and onsite support. The increasing demand for the products has been catered to due to the dedicated professionals in the organization. The products manufactured and supplied by them are being used in the machine tool industries throughout South India. Their products offer durability, reliability, and low maintenance costs.

Estd: 2008.

Address: SP-129/1, 3rdStreet, III Main Road [Near WABCO TVS],

 Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai – 600 058.

Email: vgsref@gmail.com | production@vgsref.com

Products: 1. Water chiller. 2. Oil chiller. 3. Panel Air cooler.4. Heat exchanger.

Clientele: 1. MRF.2. Indian Railways. 3. TAFE. 4. Brakes India. 5. India Pistons. 6. Renault Nissan

5. Precision Cooling Systems.

Precision cooling systems is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of oil chillers in Chennai. They design high-quality industrial oil coolers, hydraulic oil coolers and floating head-type oil coolers etc. Their activities are customer-focused. Precision Cooling Systems has a team of experienced staff who deliver products that comply with international standards. The company has a firm commitment and dedication towards clients which has helped them in gaining a reputed name in the domestic and international markets.

Estd: 2002.

Address: No. 60/1A, Natesan Naicker Street, Off. Vadakkupattu Main Road, Near Mother’s World Super Market, Nanmangalam, Chennai- 600117, Tamil Nadu, India. Phone: 08048979188.

Products: 1. Lube Oil Coolers. 2. Oil Coolers. 3. Hydraulic Oil Coolers. 4. Fixed tube type and Floating had Tube Bundle Type Oil Cooler.

Clientele: 1. Ashok Leyland. 2. TVS. 3. Southern Railways. 4. Aavin. 5. TAFE. 6. MIOT Hospitals. 7. Lucas TVS

6. Freeze Tech Equipments Pvt. Ltd

Freeze Tech is experienced in the field of industrial process cooling solutions for more than 21 years. Their vision is to provide a complete solution for process cooling problems, with its reputed brand Freeze Tech. Their products include Oil Coolers, water chillers, refrigerated chillers, air conditioner process equipment, panel coolers and special industrial refrigeration. Their products are supplied at low costs and affordable maintenance charges. 

The cooling systems which are compact give the clients an option to set up the installation either indoors or outdoors. Freeze Tech’s hydraulic oil chillers maintain the hydraulic oil temperature within the required temperature range which results in the smooth and efficient functioning of the machine. Freeze tech products are chosen by the buyers as they are delivered after careful testing and assembling by skilled technicians supported by a microprocessor control system.

Estd: 1984.

Address: Freeze Tech Equipments Pvt Ltd, 141, Developed Plot, Industrial Estate, Perungudi, 

Chennai – 600 096. TN India. Phone: +91 44 42152387 / 42152487. Mobile: +91 9952990206 / 9940096043. 


Products: 1. Oil chillers. 2. Panel coolers. 3. Water & Air cooled Chillers.

Clientele: 1. Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF), 2. Tube Products of India. 3. HMT machine Tools. 4. Brakes India Ltd. 5. Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd and many more prestigious Organizations.

7. Karthik Heat transfer  

Karthik Heat Transfer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Oil Chillers, Tube Bundles, Shell and Tube chillers and Heat Exchangers from Chennai, India. They procure the raw materials at par with international standards from reliable vendors. Quality is the main concern of the Organization. Every part of the product is thoroughly inspected & checked by quality control inspectors at various stages. The Company has an R&D department to analyze the current market trend and develop innovative skills for the production of premium quality products. 

Estd: 1990.

Address: No. 35, Thandavaraya Mudali Street, Washermanpet, Chennai-600021, Tamil Nadu, India.

Factory: No A17 (a) Sipcot Industrial Estate, Gummudipoondi, 601201

Products: 1. Hydraulic Oil chillers. 2. Air Blast Hydraulic Oil cooler.3. Lube oil coolers. 4. Quenching Oil Coolers.

Clientele: 1. Dalmia Cements Ltd. 2. Hinduja Foundries. 3. TVS group of Companies. 4. Futura Polymers.


1. What kind of oil is used in chillers?

Polyol Ester (POE), a common type of synthetic lubricant, is used. Minerals, Polyalkyleneglycols (PAG) and alkylbenzene are also used.

2. How does oil get cooled?

A hot machine liberates heat to the Oil which circulates through a heat exchanger (Oil Cooler) which uses either air or water to cool the oil.

3. What is normal oil pressure temperature?

The normal oil pressure temperature ranges between 230 and 260 degrees

4. What are the basic components of Oil Chillers?

1. Control panel. 2. Lubrication Unit.3. Compressor Unit. 4. Expansion valves. 5. Evaporators.6. Condenser unit. 7. Electrical control Unit.

5. How many cooling methods are there in Oil chillers?

There are two types. a. Heat Exchange cooling. b. Freezing cycle type cooling.


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