Compact Substation Manufacturers

Compact Substations are frequently used by users around the world because of ageing equipment and rising demand, the majority of companies around the world are looking for ways to replace or expand their substation capacity.

However, there is no denying that transmission infrastructure is difficult to modernise because it is a costly process. As a result, the power industry is seeking more cost-effective options, and a compact substation is one of them.

What is a Compact Substation?

A Compact Substation can be defined as a collection of electrical equipment installed on a trailer or platform. A compact substation is integrated and carefully tested in a factory setting to verify that it is capable of completely energising upon delivery to the required site. A small substation has more advantages than a traditional substation, such as shorter construction times, fewer area requirements, and improved safety.

Compact Substation is a highly reliable substation solution for voltage of 330V, 500V, and 650V and is based on the HT switchgear series. Compact substations are used in secondary distribution networks to convert energy from MV to LV or LV to MV. Its superior quality and higher reliability make it an ideal solution for applications with heavy-duty requirements and economic savings as well as to fit into smaller spaces.

Compact Substation has a compact design and can be installed on the wall. It is a complete solution for the quick installation of high-voltage switchgear. It has been designed to be customised by the end-user and offers an easy way to connect with all types of switchgear.

How do Compact Substations Work?

Switching is a critical function of small substation transformers because it allows you to shut down a feeding circuit when there is a demand for the load to protect the generating plants.

Furthermore, because switching high voltages can be dangerous, circuit breakers such as oil circuit breakers and air circuit breakers can be used to reduce arcs.

High voltages can be used to step up and down the voltage for the distribution and transmission of electricity, even across great distances. As a result, the current can be minimal, resulting in low transmission losses. This signifies that the current available is insufficient for normal consumer use and that the voltage must be increased or decreased.

What are the Categories of Compact Substation?

The Compact Substation is a complete system that includes three compartments (MV switchgear, transformer, and LV distribution board) that are connected directly to a metallic chassis without the use of cables.

Compact substations are divided into three categories:

Indoor Compact Substation

Equipment on a moving (wheeled) metallic chassis with three compartments (MV switchgear, transformer, and LV distribution board).

EVR Power has come with a new and improved substation, the idea of the Indoor Compact Substation is to serve you with high-quality equipment, quick delivery times, and competitive pricing. With a fully-equipped MV switchgear compartment and LV distribution board compartment, you can rest assured that your power will be stabilized, your downtime will be reduced, and all of your equipment will stay safe.

Outdoor Compact Substation

We live in a world of space constraints. With the growing demand for higher power, we need compact substations to quickly and efficiently provide power where it is needed.

Designed for outdoor use, the Outdoor Compact Substation doesn’t require a ceiling or roof and it provides high-level protection from weather conditions. This type of compact transformer substation is very much high in demand.

Compact Underground Substations

Underground substations are prefabricated concrete compact underground substations. The structure is designed to be a smaller, more robust and more economical substation with the outdoor operation and reduced dimensions in order to improve exploitation circumstances.

This substation has been specially designed to use the existing terrain and artificial structures in the area to its advantage, achieving reduced dimensions and enhanced exploitation circumstances. The installation’s modularity will allow it to be completely dismantled, transported, and assembled on-site without major problems.

Due to the increase in volume consumption of electricity in India, different types of compact transformer substation manufacturer in India has increased significantly. Especially in Maharashtra, Chennai and Gujarat compact transformer substation manufacturer has increased considerably by 5% to 7%.

4 Significant Benefits of Compact Substations

Compact substations are chosen over conventional substations because they are a comprehensive solution that can readily fit into any configuration based on the customer’s needs.

Environmental Risks Have Been Removed

A typical substation necessitates digging the ground, which interferes with natural drainage, however, this is not the case with a compact substation. Because the device is contained in a tamperproof metal container, it helps to eliminate various environmental dangers such as exposed grounding conductors and fencing.

Furthermore, the container aids in the prevention of oil spills that could contaminate the earth.

Overall Costs are lower

These units are pre-assembled, which helps to save expenses as compared to a traditional substation. As a result, the expense of transporting multiple parts and field wiring, as well as on-site testing, is reduced.

They’ve been carefully built to speed up the installation procedure and minimise building time by a large amount. Furthermore, they sped up the testing procedure on the job site, saving both money and time.

Safety and Convenience

There are no concerns with equipment relocation with a small substation, and there is no need to deconstruct or rebuild a standard station. This unit is lightweight and mobile, making it extremely convenient to use.

Finally, it includes safety measures such as a covered ground conductor, fully contained equipment, built-in oil containment, covered grounded conductors, and a few exposed parts. Overall, it creates a safe environment for everyone in its vicinity.

A Tiny Imprint

Compact substations are designed to take up as little space as possible. It’s also not as difficult to fit them into varied layouts as it is with traditional substations. Transporting them to the desired position is simple, and the covered equipment eliminates the need for additional electrical clearances.

What is the Future of Compact Substation worldwide?

  • Because compact transformer substations are a vital part of the electric power distribution system, power utilities are likely to grow in demand for compact substations. They play an important role in the electricity sector, particularly in the distribution and equipment protection areas.
  • During the projection period, rising investments by power utilities to upgrade their transmission and distribution networks are expected to fuel demand in the future for compact substations.
  • The fully-equipped compact substation (CSS) is state-of-the-art equipment for all power distribution needs, consisting of an outdoor duty enclosure, medium voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low voltage panel, and APFC panel. The self-contained package substation is a comprehensive weatherproof solution that is factory constructed. It just necessitates the connection of incoming and outgoing cables, resulting in minimal site labour.
  • Countries in the Middle East and Africa, such as Oman and Saudi Arabia, are also investing in the expansion and restructuring of distribution power networks, boosting the compact substation market segment’s growth possibilities.
  • Because of benefits such as enhanced logistics, easy specification, lower overheads, and smaller foundations, compact substations are favoured over conventional substations for specific applications in the utility sector, which drives the market over the forecast period.
  • As a result of growing urbanisation and industrialisation in developing nations, demand for compact substations is likely to increase significantly throughout the forecast period.

Asia-Pacific to Dominate the Compact Substation Market

  • Due to increasing power generation capacity plans, growing demand for replacing/refurbishing ageing transmission and distribution networks, and increasing electricity demand, particularly in China and India, due to rapidly increasing industrial and infrastructural development activities, Asia-Pacific is expected to dominate the market.
  • Due to China’s exceptional economic expansion, as well as factors such as fast industrialization and urbanisation, there has been a surge in electricity demand.
  • To address increased electricity demand, Chinese utilities and governments are creating new generation projects, particularly renewable energy. This would almost certainly necessitate the construction of new power infrastructure to support these projects, which will fuel the growth of the compact substation market in the country.
  • Due to Australia’s old power infrastructure, it is now more important than ever to refurbish/renovate electricity distribution networks in order to boost renewable energy generation. Furthermore, the country has taken steps to update its energy infrastructure, with the government expecting to invest about $5 billion annually in the transmission distribution network.
  • Furthermore, the Indian government intends to spend on strengthening the electrical network in order to create a powerful and smart grid, which would help to meet the country’s demand for compact substations. Compact substation manufacturers in India have an upwards demand in the Indian market. The most significant growth has shown in the south region of India. There is a notable increase in compact substation manufacturers in Chennai. Chennai is considered a hub of compact substation manufacturers in India. 
  • As a result of the factors discussed above, the Asia-Pacific region is likely to have a favourable impact on the compact substation market during the forecast period.

What are the key characteristics of a Compact Substation?

Compact prefabricated substations have a number of characteristics that have led to an increase in their use by a variety of businesses and organisations. The following are some of these characteristics:


  • Shipping is simple.
  • High levels of protection and security
  • Remote control is possible.
  • Low-cost building that is environmentally friendly
  • Installation in public spaces is a possibility.
  • Capacity to prepare and deliver in a timely manner
  • Concrete substations save money on land supply.

Design considerations for Compact Substations

When building and engineering a compact substation, keep in mind that it will be primarily situated in a public space. As a result, the manufacturer’s priority should be to ensure the safety of the general public and operating employees. Other topics to think about now are:


  • Bolts’ straightforward placement on the foundation is predictable.
  • Having a high level of resistance to environmental and climatic conditions.
  • For cooling inside the tiny substation, ventilation space is expected to be available.
  • For convenient shipment, keep in mind the proper weight and dimensions.
  • To avoid corrosion, fire, and heavy shocks, use galvanised sheet.
  • Forecasting inputs and outputs separately
  • Considered to be a good width for equipment entry and exit doors.
  • The doors, locks, and hinges should all be made of perfectly safe and impermeable materials.
  • Estimate the brightness of compact substations.

EVR Power’s Compact Substation Specifications

EVR Power’s transformer is not your typical transformer when it comes to compact substation standards. Instead, they resemble miniature substations that provide power to the user directly.

Improved Air Conditioning

Unlike traditional transformers, a transformer works by increasing demand for its cooling capabilities through an underground cavern. This means that these transformers can tolerate voltage and load spikes.

This implies that ordinary air-conditioning is ineffective, which is why water-cooling systems were developed.


The installation of three 500kV autotransformer transformer banks is a regular problem. As a result, the compact substation transformer is highly handy when it comes to saving space.

Is it, however, a threat to its power?

The short response is a resounding no. Under some conditions, compact substation transformers can be just as powerful as standard substation transformers.

Fewer Losses

Because the criteria for short-circuit strengths are great for requesting, every single transformer should be able to withstand a particular amount of short-circuit load, compact substation voltage levels are simply on another level.

However, this means that autotransformers for subterranean substations can withstand an impedance of around 22%. In layman’s terms, this indicates that the unit substation transformer will continue to perform normally even if it is subjected to a load that is 22% more than typical.

Enhanced Control

There is no doubt that a high impedance is being highlighted as a difficulty for stray loss reduction, and this is fully backed by a 3D magnetic model that protects its structure design, especially as the tank and clamping frame sizes grow.


Given that the bulk of existing substations isn’t going to last very long, it’s past time to switch to a more advantageous solution. Compact substations will be the way of the future. With the growing world population, our energy needs are getting higher, which is why we need compact substations that can supply us with power efficiently. Compact Substations from EVR power are one of the best compact substation manufacturers in Chennai which help to supply power efficiently. With EVR compact Substation transformers, you get a product that is long-lasting.

EVR power provides a range of cost-effective and high-quality products that are designed to meet the needs of any business or individual. With a wide range of transformers, EVR Power can serve a variety of customers and industries. That is the reason EVR Power is a top compact substation manufacturer in Chennai.


1. What are the key features of a Compact Substation?

A compact substation is a type of substation that has a smaller footprint than traditional ones. It can be built on top of an existing building or underground.

The key features of a compact substation are:
– Smaller footprint
– More efficient design
– Lower cost
– Easier maintenance

2. What are the benefits of using compact substations?

Compact substations are an innovative solution for the power grid. They are used to reduce the cost of power transmission and distribution.

The benefits of using compact substations include:

– Reducing the cost of power transmission and distribution

– Providing a reliable supply of power to consumers

– Improving reliability in case of a blackout

3. What are the key factors to consider when designing a compact substation?

When designing a compact substation, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

Size of the substation: A compact substation is typically smaller than a conventional one. It is usually located in urban areas and has limited space for equipment.

The number of transformers: The size of the transformer may affect the size of the substation. The more transformers there are, the larger the substation will be.

Cable routing: In order to save space, cables should be routed through conduits rather than on top of the equipment.

Redundancy: Redundant power supply is essential for a compact substation design because it ensures that power continues to flow even if one or more pieces of equipment fail.

4. What is a compact substation transformer?

The Compact Substation Transformer (CSS) is made up of all of the necessary components, such as a VCB, a DRY TYPE TRANSFORMER, an LBS, an RMU, and protective relays. As a result, CSS is a single small substation with all of the necessary equipment. This CSS is simple to transfer and may be used at work in a short amount of time.

5. What is a compact secondary substation?

A Compact Secondary Substation (CSS) is a type-tested and arc-tested installation that includes a switchgear enclosure, distribution transformers, low voltage (LV) switchboards, connectors, and ancillary equipment for supplying LV energy from MV systems.

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