Best Transformer Manufacturer in South Africa 

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According to the official sources ( Ministry of mineral resources and energy), South Africa’s total domestic power generation is 58,095 MW using all resources. Currently, coal takes a lion’s share in providing an energy source that amounts to 80% of the power distribution. The other sources of power generation come from hydro, wind, and solar.  

Of late South African economy has been facing a power crisis which has had a negative impact on all the industries. So the government of South Africa has been seriously thinking to bring down the stress on the consumption of coal in the distribution of power by substituting it through renewable sources of energy generation. 

South African people experience a great amount of discontent as the country faces its biggest ever power crisis. Really speaking it is a death knell to the small and medium industries which are indispensable for the ailing economy. It is manifested in the form of successive load shedding and blackouts which is a threat to the national Power grid. 

As a consequence of erratic load shedding and power cuts, big machines have been remaining static and the manufacturers are unable to keep up with the deadlines given to the clients. This gloomy scenario started in the later months of 2007 and continues to this day. This crisis can be attributed to (ESKOM) which is the national grid that stands with closed fists due to incompetence, corruption and mismanagement. 

Due to the paucity of power South Africa imports power transformers from 70 countries. It imports most of its power transformers from India, Namibia and Mexico. However, South Africa is expected to witness a robust market growth in the overall power and distribution transformer market in the years to come to strike a balance between the demand and supply of energy in the country. The surging foreign investment would positively push the power and distribution transformer market growth in the immediate future. 

To tackle the Power Crisis transformers are one of the best options which can mitigate the situation. Industries of various categories form the infrastructure of an economy. Transformers are indispensable in providing constant electricity. It also aids the thermal sector in the manufacturing of steel and allied products. 

Transformers are very useful in providing a constant voltage among circuits thereby ensuring nil damage to the machines or devices. 

Why transformers? 

The transformer is a critical component in power transmission. Transformers are used to obtain the desired voltage level. It is also used to electrically disconnect two circuits. 

Transformers help in regulating the flow of voltage while changing batteries so that internal components of the battery do not get damaged. 

In electric power transmission, transformers allow transmission of electric power at high voltages which reduces the loss due to heating of wires. By using a transformer, the voltage of electricity coming from a power plant is stepped up to the right level for long-distance transmission. Transformers serve to manipulate the level of voltage flowing through any point Power Grid so that balances efficiency of transmission with basic safety. It is financially and practically favourable to both consumers and proprietors. 

Transformers in their airy dry form act as a coolant which is needed in industries and also at homes. 

In the electronic industry, transformers are useful in matching the impedance while switching from one network to another. 

Transformers also play an important role in the proper functioning of ammeters, rectifiers and stabilizers. 

A power transformer uses a static device used for transforming power from one circuit to another without varying the frequency. 

EVR Power 

EVR Power which is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is one of the best transformer manufacturers in South Africa. EVR Power aims to provide top-notch products made of premium quality components along with hospitable services to its clients. EVR power Private Limited was incepted in the year 1998.   

It is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company which manufactures and supplies a wide range of transformers, distributions, conversions, inversions and other special applications. The products are manufactured by a dedicated team of veterans.  

Sophisticated technology makes EVR products in accordance with International standards. It has also been approved by TUV NORD (Germany)an International Organisation which validates the safety of products and services to protect humans, material assets and the environment against hazards. 

Having a marketing bond with EVR ensures safety to the client as they offer 24*7 customer service and also guide in the decision-making process by providing ready reckoned cost estimates on the purchase and repairs of transformers. 

Another strength of EVR Power is the impeccable quality rendered during its supply process. 

Right from designing to delivery, utmost care is shown which makes them the most trusted business dealer. EVR Power also undertakes repairing the transformers which belong to other brands. They have quality components to suit any brand of transformer. EVR power can meet any requirements for multiple ranges of applications and configurations. 

EVR Power distribution systems are of International standard and meet the current industrial trend and practices. Sophisticated design of the product ensures sustainability and longevity without any problem shooting. 

The power transformers are constructed with more than three windings with a well-arranged core resulting in a reduced no-load loss. With better insulation between the windings, there is increased cooling and low noise levels. It is also intricately designed to ensure the highest degree of safety for the operator. 

EVR keeps on adding and updating information about many companies to suit their demands. This strengthens the bondage between the company and the clients. This feature has brought them reputed clients like BHEL, Delphi -TVS, SAMSUNG, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Axles India Ltd, L&T shipbuilding, India pistons limited, NTPC, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi and so on. 

Product range of EVR Pvt. Ltd 

Starting in the year 1998, EVR Power, one of the leading transformer manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa, has shown sustained growth under the dynamic leadership and dedicated staff. EVR now stands as a veteran among the manufacturers’ power transformers. 

EVR Power has been involved in the manufacturing of power transformers, distribution transformers, phase shifting transformers, Ultra isolation transformers, converter/ inverter transformers, harmonic mitigating transformers, VPI & CRT transformers, auto/ booster transformers, salt bath furnace transformers, water chillers and oil chillers. 

Exports of power transformers 

India’s export for the product amounted to 86.11 USD million in 2020- 21(april-nov). The overall value of Power transformers export increased by 27.11% for India since 2016. There are a total of 133 countries all over the world that import power transformers. India exports most of its distribution transformer to Nepal, Kenya and South Africa.  

India is the largest exporter of transformer terminals and accounts for 1088 shipments followed by China with 584 and Germany occupying third place with 177 shipments. 

India exports most of its Mva Power transformers to Vietnam, Bangladesh and Omen. India is the largest exporter of Mva power transformer and for 1045 shipments. It is exported by 117 suppliers. 

EVR Power, one of the best transformer manufacturers in South Africa, has already made a dent in the export market. It supplies various ranges of transformers to Sri Lanka. The vision of EVR Power is to enhance its exports across the globe by 2025. Since EVR Power has a highly competent product range which meets international standards combined with excellent customer service, it is for sure that the organisation will boost its exports across the globe. 

It can be concluded that EVR Power’s strong background of quality products and excellent follow-up of service by the veteran technocrats of the organisation will surely make a dent and expand its export profile across the globe in a short tenure. The added advantage of EVR products is that they can compete with the International standards which offer immense satisfaction to the clients who purchase from other countries. 


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